About Us

This website has been setup to be a resource for those that battle BotNet’s, Virus’s, Hacker Attacks, as well as the Basic Internet Home User that wants to protect and educate themselves.

How Are We Going To Help?

  1. Show ways in detecting Internet/Email Scams.
  2. Help you become more aware of the Warning Signs/Red Flags to Malicious Websites & Popups.
  3. Monitor, Map, and Gather information on Internet locations of attacking systems and clusters of attacking Systems, and Countries they are Prominent in. “Bot Nets”
  4. Gather Information Containing Attack Techniques and files hackers are searching for. “Rootkits, Backdoors, ect” Most of these are NOT Detectable by AntiVirus and Malware Software, however knowing what hackers and Bot Nets are searching for can help YOU figure out & fix possible security concerns.


  1. Clean up hacked websites.
  2. Track and help shut down malicious hosts.
  3. Help Companies Recover and Survive During and After Hacker, Malicious Virus, and BOTNET Attacks.
  4. Develop Business Recovery & Redundancy Plans. Are you able to recover from a Malicious Virus or Malware Attack on your Business Network? Just opening a simple email can take down a Multi Million Dollar Company.