GoDaddy – Supports Spammers, Hackers, Money Scams??

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This page will be updated as more compromised systems and malicious activities are found that they don’t do anything about.

We have determined after endless complaints over the years to GoDaddy that they must support Hackers, Botnets, Threats, & Funneling Money to people with malicious intent. In much of our research we also find that some of these IP ADDRESSES of theirs have complaints going years back and still doing the same malicious activities.

In my experience with the Network Operations Teams I find that they are clueless, obviously have no knowledge, Lazy, or just don’t care in preventing malicious activities from their networks. You can endlessly send them info on malicious hosts from their systems, with logs, and data  and they do nothing. We have given up dealing with this USELESS COMPANY and decided that if we start to list stuff here on this site, maybe they will lose money and wake up to the fact they are supporting malicious activities.

In the end I hope they are legit and just have clueless employees in Network Ops.

I will list the following here as information is researched.

A) IP ADDRESS – Malicious Traffic Origin

B) DOMAIN NAME which the IP ADDRESS is related to the malicious activities

C) The malicious activities being done, (Threats, Money Scams, Misleading Information, ect)

D) We will mark the IP ADDRESS as COMPROMISED/HIJACKED if we find that they meet the criteria of a system that is performing functions outside of their typical usage and are being abusive to other internet systems. Your typical legit website host will not scan, or try to hack other systems.

E) Other information we find pertinent.

When we receive large amounts of complaints for spam, or our Customized Honey Pots and/or Customized Network Monitoring Software/Hardware detects malicious activities we start to research the activities and report.

************************************************************ – –  COMPROMISED / HIJACKED

1) – 11/28/18

We have tried to contact this company to inform them of their malicious activities, Yet after 2 hrs of calls and trying every extension available we have determined that this company is possibly fictitious.

Hadlock Plastics, LLC

110 North Eagle Street
Geneva, Ohio 44041
Phone: (440) 466-4876
Fax: (440) 466-9396

We consider them FAKE since many of the extensions that are available at the prompts go NOWHERE and the only single extension that works never gets answered. This is very typical with Hacker Sites, They look very real, but yet no staff for such a large supposed company answers the calls.

In this instance an email is being sent out for Domain Registration for SEO.

The Email Address which changes is “Domain Notice –” and comes from IP ADDRESS ([])

2) This IP Address / Server uses BruteForce to try to compromise systems. Its attacking databases and also attacking sites that run Word Press. Which also gives us more reason to suspect that the server has been compromised and is part of a BOTNET.

3) This IP ADDRESS has complaints of malicious activities going back to Dec 2017.


This item is not fully a G0Daddy Problem, However they could disable the domain name and stop this abuse, but they won’t since they don’t care. They only care about their bottom line and not the protection of the internet community…

APPLE SCAM – Comes in email – Domain is Registered with GoDaddy

Website IP Address – – Hosted with

Email Comes From – – Email Server –

Copy Of Email which looks legit but obviously fake in so many ways.

Apple Recent Order
Your Apple ID was used to purchase from Apple Store on a laptop or computer that had not previously been related with that Apple ID. You may also be getting this e mail if you reset your security password since your last order.
If you placed this order, you can ignore this e mail. It was only sent alert to you if you didn’t make the purchase.View Bill <- This link points to and has been disabled to protect YOU.

If you did not make this purchase, we suggest that you go to  to modify your security password, then see Apple ID: Security and your Apple ID for further supportAll the best,

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UPDATED: 4/16/19 – Trying to Hack WordPress Sites – Server is Compromised and Appears to have Human Interaction as well as Robot Signatures with many Honeypot Systems Worldwide.

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