Fake Voicemail Message Emails.

Scammer Security Spammer

Below is a email that is Malicious. Do not click the links on these emails!!!!

FromVoice Call<>
Automated Voice Notification:
Voice Caller ID. (302) 820 6745

Listen to Voice Content

  Thank you!

Notice the email comes from an email address that makes no sense(Voice Call???). These thieves are so lazy they couldn’t even come up with a business name and the <> shows a large probability that it is coming from a spamming software agent. Within these <> should be the email address.

An interesting thing about this is that we have seen a large increase in Spam containing links to Malicious Botnet software, Viruses, and software apps that will take over your computer/device. This way these thieves can hold your computer/device as hostage and steal money from you. This appears to be mostly originating from Japan and other Asian Regions with this particular Type of Malicious Intended Emails.

This email originated from ww4130.sakura.ne.jp –

The return path for this email,{Which is hidden} IS: azurecougar3_at_www4130.sakura.ne.jp

The link within this email points to a truncated version below. DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE!!!! UNSAFE!!!