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Have you been scammed by this company or another Fake Tech Support Person? We could use your help in shutting these people down. We are working to get all the data possible to catch and stop these Thieves.

The particular Business that keeps coming across our desk appears to stay in the same location.

72 N. Himes Ave, Tampa Bay, Florida 33614

They lie about their business name on the phone and varies caller to caller.

The Florida BBB lists them as having many complaints about business tactics as well. This is what Florida State BBB Says:


BBB File Opened:2/1/2019
Alternate Business Name
  • Nexway
Contact Information
  • Sumit Singh, Registrant
  • Sumit Singh, Registrant
Additional Contact Information

Phone Numbers

  • (877) 740-3946 –
  • Please Note: On the BBB website they have the business website address listed. I removed the website address for safety and privacy reasons. I would not want someone to accidentally click on the website link and get infected.

Easy Net Experts

72 N Himes Ave

Tampa, FL 33614

(855) 551-6777


Pattern of Complaints

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning sales practice issues. Since February 4, 2019 BBB has received 5 complaints which are pending. Consumers allege that they are instructed to call this business after a window appears on their computer stating that they have a virus. This business then claims that they can fix the issue and subsequently offers a protection plan. Consumers state that this business misrepresents themselves when speaking on the phone, and since they have allowed this business to take control of their computer, they feel pressured into using and paying for their services. Consumers filing complaints with BBB have given the business amounts ranging from $499.99 to $1,699.99. The address listed on the businesses’ website is not a valid address. In February 2019, BBB sent a request to the business to address this pattern and what actions the business has taken to help eliminate the cause of the complaints. As of today, the business has not responded to the request made by BBB.


This is not the first time we have dealt with these Scammers & Thieves, The name Easy Net Experts is just among several of their AKAs. Complaints have come from multiple states and have been typically the same, until recently it looks like they have gone rouge and now actually infecting peoples computers.

To what point is this happening? Are they installing BOT NET software or other Data Theft Software to steal peoples information now? How safe are these people? Is this part of a terrorist group? These are just some questions that race through my mind as I wonder what we will encounter as we Analyze Computer Infected by these so called Microsoft Techs with possibly several more to be shipped in from out of state. Have these people crossed the line now? We are dealing with a level of them being considered as hackers and with intent to damage computers & communications across borders.


How are the computers get infected?

The most common issues that we are seeing are users getting the infection through a popup through bad advertisers on websites. The Popup Locked up the computer and changed system configurations and alerted the user to call the number. The user could no longer use the computer afterwards.

Is the Website Malicious? I consider all websites that use tactics like this to make money malicious, However we do have several forms of malicious activity that can go on through a website and at times its not fully the website owners fault. a) The website owner can create their site to gather information, infect users, as well as other types of activities. b) The website owner may use advertisers to help make money and not pay attention to what ads are popping up on their website. c) The website or advertising system was hacked.

What other tactics has this company used? This company is known for scare tactics. Robocalling is one of them with a message saying ” We are Microsoft and your computer was detected to be infected with a virus.”, another common one is Website Popups that display warnings.

  • 1) Call you and tell you that your infected.
  • 2) Will not ask for Bitcoin, Money Orders, Ect.
  • 3) AGAIN They will not call you and tell you that your infected…
  • 4) Use scare tactics to get your business…
  • 5) Pay for advertising that comes through a Website Popup saying your infected and call now.

Many of your Trained Microsoft Techs work for Medium & Large Companies. With others working as contractors and consultants, however I have yet to see a TRUE Licensed Microsoft Tech stoop so low to use tactics like these. In my opinion these are your typical wannabe Techs, Wishing they knew how to make a real living without stealing other peoples hard earned money. Just down right con artists and thieves.


  1. A Malicious Website Script(Virus) was used which Changed the Home Page of the Internet Browsers on the computer and force the page locked. The script here was interesting and appeared to be self aware.
  2. I once again found a LogMeIn Product used. I also noticed a major change by Support Thieves / Scammers to using Logmein Products for computer remote access. Another remote support software I have seen used is Team Viewer, but appears that usage has declined. The trend and move to LOGMEIN Products has intrigued me. Is their security issues with these products? I know that using Team Viewer you can move files between computers and connect VPN directly through their product as well. Personally its been awhile since I have tested or have used a LogMeIn product for support. Has something been discovered by these scammers that they prefer to use LogMeIn Now? I see a growing concern here specially if these Thieves are infecting computers through websites with fake ads and then accessing someones personal computer. NOTE: Someone who has access to your personal computer can infect your computer without you knowing and in turn possibly any unsafe devices(Any device that does not have the most recent security updates) on your wifi and home network. This includes your Wifi Router if it was not configured correctly. We have heard of so called support techs doing this and then charging more to give people access again.
  3. The particular popup from this fake support company came from a subdomain(5serverjunkfile-bhg-44error) under When I went to try and capture this website it already appeared to be shutdown, however I did a search on the directory that the Scammer Page pointed to ( firiedgex) and found that many of the Scammers have the same directory used. Is this a software they use? It appears to be common. Do a google search and 100s of pages come up with scammer sites and info of scams with that directory. I checked the domain to make sure it was not some impersonation of a Legitimate Website Domain. is actually owned by Microsoft. This is Microsoft’s Azure Hosting and Virtual Machine Platform. It also offers free services with limitation and can expire monthly. So possibly this specific website was not shutdown, but has maxed out its usage for the month. This possibly also explains the Specific Directory that many of these Scammers use.

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